#7468 od Veiveismart
13 kvě 2021 08:38
Player Owned Shops isn't a skill. Whoever owns the RS gold store, store or buisness, can make unique shops. When it is a larger company, they are able to have a max of 5 stores. It may only have one type of thing (I.E. Logs, Ores and pubs, runes etc.). That is so POS will not compete with NPC owned shops. You can begin off with a single store. Players may get to the store using a POS portal site (In same town's as POH's). The client can come in and use the option'Trade Store Owner' to find a list of things, just like in NPC stores.

Then they could select purchase 5, 1, 10, or All. As soon as they pick that a note will come up in the conversation display saying"Purchase request delivered to owner" This is just in case the owner does not want to sell all his stock and want's to save a portion of his stock, since they're low on buy OSRS gold the merchandise. The owner will be able to set the costs (No less or more than GE prices). Prices could be adjusted according to fluxuating GE costs. Now on the workers.

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