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29 kvě 2021 09:53
Liqun softer red huge mouth valid and unrealistic identification 2021 best and newest identification tactic

Zhejiang China and tiawan Tobacco Warehousing Newport Cigarettes Wholesale Cheap Co., Ltd. manufactures "Liqun (soft white long beak)" tobacco. This unit uses the superior quality tobacco leaf by means of sufficient scent, plus all the imported seasonings, the essence is a great deal more soft and additionally delicate. Xiaobian collated approximately Liqun softer red huge mouth valid and unrealistic identification about 2021 the next identification method connected to the opening, following Xiaobian to recognize it at the same Cheap Carton of Newport 100s time.

Comparison about printing technique differences relating to the front brand paper: the real trademark conventional paper adopts copperplate conventional paper, gravure branding, the facade "long sift cigarette" font frame has self evident zigzag, and therefore the font "Liqun" is normally thick. All the fake butt trademark conventional paper is personalised by high-definition encoding imitation balance printing. The font frame of "long sift cigarette" relating to the front is normally smooth and additionally without spectacular, and all the font cerebrovascular accident or cva of "Liqun" is actually thin. There is obvious differences within printing mechanisms for trademark paper USA Cigarettes Wholesale and therefore the characteristics for the real supplements.

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