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Big gate short side branch true not to mention false elegance 2021 recent, big gate short side branch true not to mention false identification without delay

Da Qianmen (short cigarette) can be described as new little cigarette due to Shanghai Smoking Group Corp., Ltd. Your jewelry is the pioneer cigarette to totally follow typically the digital components design approach. The toxins is heavy, rich, unique and comforting. Xiaobian decided out the hottest introduction of this big gate short branch to tell apart between the case and Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons artificial 2021. Let's adopt Xiaobian to recognize about it again together.

Comparison from printing system differences at the front hallmark paper: the original trademark daily news adopts high-light lightweight aluminum and silver antique card products, the smallish golden rectangle in your Wholesale Cigarettes Store white rectangular box at the city wall is actually smaller, and then the edge position of this top "seal" is definitely not the font of this big gate; The counterfeit cigarettes are actually printed from high-definition deciphering. The smallish gold rectangle in your white box at the city wall is actually larger, and typically the edge of this "seal" ahead is near the big gate, which is actually different out of your real products.

Comparison of this difference of this inside upholster paper on top of the smallish Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online box: light meshwork of this inside upholster paper from real smoking was not surprisingly fine; Fake marlboro lining daily news surface mesh is actually coarse, and there can be obvious differences aided by the characteristics of this real services.

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