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I get this now we all recognize Ike and Marth as using entir

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od sunxuemei
That is your view, and you're eligible for it. Don't make the mistake of assuming it to be some rule for SSB, though. We have no sign that Sakurai is concerned about the weapons used by each individual character -- and if anything, the fact that newcomers are using swords in greater numbers now (see Pit, Meta Knight, and Ike; and that's with hardly over half of the expected roster revealed) is an indication that he is not very worried about it. Super Smash Brothers is not Street Fighter -- theres no"unwritten rule" limiting weapons usage to a minimal or giving fist-fighters a preference over weapon-wielders.

If anything, it could be claimed that the prevalence of unarmed fighters would be best balanced out by the addition of more weapon-users, swords or (that's not an argument I'd make myself, but it might be produced out of much more merit than the argument that there are too many swords-users). Besides, the simple fact is that swords would be the most frequent weapon given to video game heroes, since they are the archetypical epic weapon --'ve been since the Samurai of Japan and the myths of the knights of Europe. There's no fantastic reason to punish characters for that. The character's weapon or fighting style of selection isn't a fantastic reason to restrict them out of SSB; its nothing but pure private bias.

You know, I get this Animal Crossing Bells now we all recognize Ike and Marth as using entirely different playstyles, but as a player who started out occasionally playing Brawl in my buddy's home, I had a lot of difficulty telling apart Marth out of Ike. With Byleth, even casuals can tell them apart thanks to their powerful bow, lance, Warlock Punch-like down special, and alts, but as a total casual, the only thing I remembered about Ike and Marth out of using them at Subspace was that among them felt stronger and a bit more fun.

Even though Ike is not a Marth clone, I believe that it can be trying for absolute casuals who have only played them to pronounce what makes them distinct. I believe Sakurai realized this, which explains why he chose to proceed with Robin as the brand new FE rep for Smash 4 instead of Chrom and not one of those non-echo FE personalities have depended buy Nook Miles Ticket entirely on sword moves since then.